It has been about seven years now since I got my beloved 34 strings ‘Kinneret’ harp, and I haven’t stopped praising it ever since. I’ve taken this harp with me (or shall I say – this harp has taken me?) touring around the country, and people always admire it for both its sound and appearance. What made me value the unique sound and quality of Woodsong harps all the more was the fact that my work has taken me abroad over the last three years or so. Not being able to take my Woodsong harp with me to the US and UK, I found myself exploring the sounds and feel of quite a few models from quite a few makers. While being well aware of (and glad about) the fact that each and every maker, wood type or even every tree and every individual harp have their own unique sound, I am now more convinced than ever that I prefer Peter’s beautiful harps to any harp around the world (no, it is not an overstatement, I genuinely mean it!). In addition to wood, nylon and metal, these harps are also comprised of great care, heart and soul, and definitely sound like it! (When giving a harp playing demonstration in my niece’s classroom, I’ve explained to the children that this harp was made by a man who lives in Rosh-Pina and picks the trees for each harp by himself, putting lots and lots of heart into the making of each instrument. They were deeply impressed…) The strings (of both the ‘Galilee’ and ‘Kinneret’ models) are very conveniently spaced, and their sound is deep and full-bodied. One of my favourite qualities of the sound of Woodsong harps is that it is not a “piano-like” sound, but a real, rich, Celtic harp sound. Technicalities aside – a word about Peter and his studio is also in place. This studio is one of my favourite places to visit, and is worth the visit whether or not one plans on purchasing an instrument. Peter is one of the kindest people I’ve met, and the instruments he makes are simply magical. Your purchase of any instrument from him will not end with you paying for the instrument and receiving it – he’ll be there for you with any question, problem, or just if you want to visit his cosy studio again and experiment some more instruments. I never get tired of visiting this inspiring place, ‘checking-out’ a new stack of harps, and dreaming of someday getting a ‘Galilee’ model (speaking of the ‘Galilee’ – you’ve never heard such a small harp with such a full sound!!! This is unbelievable!). I warmly recommend visiting the studio and buying a Woodsong harp (or any instrument)! You won’t regret it! Sincerely,


Avital Rom

hi lesley,

i received the door harps & cd today they are just beautiful. the workmanship is outstanding .i have already listened to the cd also that was just wonderful , maya has a beauitful voice. i am very pleased. i love to listen to the harp. god has given you a wonderful gift . thanks again . Thelma

Just to let you know that we received our first door harp. It is beautiful.

I am sure that my niece will love it.

Thanks again,



we just got the second door harp.

It is truly beautiful,

It has such an unusual shape and it is neat to have 5 strikers instead of 4.

I am sure that my nephew and his new wife will love it!

Thanks again.

Rich F

Shalom Peter.

Essentially, the feedback was that visiting your studio and hearing you play the didgeridoo simultaneously with the marimba, playing the harp, and listening to the CD all provided a wonderful high point of our trip to Israel.

Indeed, there was a spiritual experience for us, and it was difficult to stand during “Amazing Grace.”

English words are inadequate to express our feelings, and the best Hebrew word I know would be mem-fay-lamed-aleph, which is pronounced phonetically as “moofla.”

You have been gifted especially by our Creator.

Upon purchasing the King David style door harp, it was envisioned that as soon as our luggage was placed in the living room floor when we arrived at home,

I would immediately unpack the door harp from the carryon bag and put it on the inside of the front door to our home.

Peter, that vision became a reality.

Thanks, my friend.


Hi Lesley,

We received our door harps recently and are EXREMELY pleased!!!

The quality and craftmanship is beyond what we exptected (and we expected the very best, based on our research).

We are now eagerly awaiting news of availability of another Rosewood door harp.

Until then,

thank you beyond words!

Mark and Cari M

Hi Les.

I just received the lovely door harp!

It’s wonderful! The only question I have is in how to use the tuning key?

If you could briefly explain this to me I would be most appreciative.

Again, thanks for all of your correspondence and your professional manner.

It has been a pleasure!


Randi R

Dear Les and Pete,

This is to let you know that the door harp was delivered moments ago this afternoon and is wonderful–I’m very pleased!

Thanks for your kind attention to my pre-purchase queries, for your prompt and careful shipment of my order; and, of course, for the beautiful door harp, which I and those around me will enjoy in the years to come.

Sincerely, Myles

5 out of 5 stars

Sep 26, 2017 

I recently purchased a ‘Classic Door Harp’ in Dark Chestnut as a wedding gift for a young lady that is very special to me. I am so happy I chose to purchase from WoodsongGalilee. It is not only a perfect gift, but a true and original work of art. Lovingly made, this door harp will definitely last a lifetime and beyond. The communication I had with Leslie at Woodsong was outstanding. What a lovely person. Pete, the owner, is a master at his craft. Shipping was very fast and the door harp was well packaged. I highly recommend this business to anyone who wants an original, quality made and truly beautiful stringed instrument. I have decided to order myself the same door harp – it’s so beautiful I can’t imagine my home without one. Thank you Lesley and Pete. You are doing a wonderful job.


Dear Mr. Isacowitz,

Today I got the wonderful gift of the door harp, you made, from Hanna and Miron!

I will treasure it ever so much as coming from the very dear givers and as a so beautiful work of art you created.

So, I thank you and wish you a Healthy and Creative New Year,

Kind regards from Brigitte


Sep 9, 2017

Hello!  Wanted you to know that we received the beautiful door harp. When I opened it I got goose pimples and my husband and I got tears in our eyes. It is beautiful and perfect. A work of art. The card you created for us is wonderful too! Thank you so much! I hope to place an order within the next month or two. I need one on my door!!!!
Warmest Regards,

Sep 9, 2017

Hello!  Wanted you to know that we received the beautiful door harp. When I opened it I got goose pimples and my husband and I got tears in our eyes. It is beautiful and perfect. A work of art. The card you created for us is wonderful too! Thank you so much! I hope to place an order within the next month or two. I need one on my door!!!!
Warmest Regards,

Mar 23, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

When we received Belly harp we could not take hands off the instrument it is so nice and cute. We look for instruments with warm sound. Belly Harp’s structure and sound fits well with instruments that were used in Antique culture especially in ancient Druid culture. We read fairy tales to school children accompanied with music played on ancient/old instruments. We participate in ancient club fairs. We show that in old times there weren’t only swords and war but also there were music and love.


To see what we do see these links: We deeply appreciate the very close connection that you’ve created between cultures worlds apart. Geographically we’re on same meridian – Latvia, Israel, South Africa. We see in you great power of joining.

Feb 20, 2017

Absolutely beautiful! I could not have been happier with this product. We hung it on our front door and we now close the door twice just to listen to the sounds. Shipped on time and in good condition.

Feb 3, 2017

Absolutely beautiful lyre in looks with an equally beautiful, relaxing, heavenly sound! Wonderful customer service from Pete and Lesley.  This was packed and shipped perfectly for the trip from Galilee to Michigan. I highly recommend WoodsongGalilee! Thank you.


September 24, 2017

 Hi Lesley and Pete. The Harp arrived, and the colors are perfect!!! It is up and running. Thanks for taking the time to satisfy this customer. Happy and Healthy New Year, Cliff

It was just beautiful!! Thank you


July 8, 2017

Hello Lesley,
I opened it today. It is so perfect and exactly what I wanted. Thank you both so very much!!!



My business partner and I are spending the morning unwrapping these beautiful treasures- getting them ready for the holiday to give to all of our employees… 

I cannot tell you enough how beautiful and perfect they are. 

You are blessed with such talent and skill. 

GOD SPEED to anymore healing you need, and know that you and your work are so appreciated! 



April 9, 2017

Hi Lesley!

I received the harp today. It must have had a tail wind, although I totally prayed it would come early! Laughing.

I love it.  It is beautiful and I can’t put it down. I have one question though, if one of the strings breaks, how on earth do I get the string restrung?

Blessings to you,



October 27, 2016

Thank you! It’s exactly what I wanted and has a beautiful sound.



Dear Woodsong,

My beautiful walnut hamsa doorharp arrived today, in rural Northern California. It matches our walnut table that my husband’s brother made for us. When I hang it, I’ll send a photo.

Once again, thank you for such lovely work. This piece can be passed down to my son.





Jan 30, 2017

Hello Lesley & Pete! 
The lyre arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful! I love it and cannot stop playing. Thank you again. I will post a 5 star review once Etsy allows me to do so in a couple of days. ☺
Many Blessings,

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