I first heard and saw the didgeridoo in the Australian movie “The Last Wave” many years ago. The sounds totally blew my mind!

This musical instrument is an ancient wind instrument. The Aboriginal people of Australia have, for thousands of years, used the didgeridoo as an integral part of their spiritual ceremonies. The traditional musical instrument is made either of bamboo, or of young trees or branches which have been hollowed out by termites.

The didgeridoo is a drone instrument around which rhythm and sounds are inserted, using tongue, lips, cheeks and throat.

I make didgeridoos from many different types of wood, and tune them to different tones. At the moment I have didgeridoos made from agave as well as eucalyptus, mahogany, and olive wood. They vary in size from 120 up to 220 cm. and are tuned from the tones of Low G up to High E.

Recent research, reported in the British Medical Journal and other scientific publications shows that playing the didgeridoo helps reduce snoring and relieves sleep apnea.


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