Harpsicle™ Harps are well designed, sturdily built and have the correct string spacing which make them an excellent selection for a first time harper. Light and portable, they are also a wonderful choice for harp therapy practitioners and are recommended by many harp therapy programs.

These simple harps have nice volume and tone. Harpsicle™ Harps are well made and maintain tuning as well as any professional harp. Not to be confused with Pakistani and Chinese imported “harps,” Harpsicle™ Harps have the correct string spacing and maintain tune as soundly as any professional harp. Light and portable, Harpsicle™ Harps fit in the overhead storage bin or garment closet of most airliners.

For a number of years we have been importing Rees Harps’ reasonably priced, well-made and portable harps. They are available for sale and sometimes for rental.

Prices of Harpsicles:

Harpsicle – 2,900 shekels

Sharpsicle – 3,800 shekels

Fullsicle – 4,900 shekels

Padded harp bag: 390 shekels

If you are interested in buying a harp, please call to check what we have available – We sometimes have a waiting list.

Perhaps you have always wanted to play the harp? Maybe you have thought about dabbling with a harp but harps just seemed too expensive? Harpsicle™ Harps are the answer for you.