Triangular Door Harp Available in 3 shades: Chestnut, rosewood, Light Teak with either glass balls or wooden balls



The Triangular Door Harp is available in 2 different shades: Chestnut and Rosewood, Light Teak with either glass balls or wooden balls


DIMENSIONS: 19.5 x 29.5cm

Triangular Door Harp                

I designed the Trapezoide and the Triangle in response to requests for a more modern design, with clean, straight lines. Click to read moreTriangle- symbolism”The downward pointing triangle is sometimes referred to as the chalice. It is the symbol of water (as it flows downward), the grace of heaven, and the womb. It is one of the most ancient symbols of female divinity…”
“EYE in top Triangle of the PYRAMID: Masonic symbol for the all-seeing eye of God – a mystical distortion of the omniscient (all-knowing) Biblical God.”
“According to ancient beliefs, an upright equilateral triangle, with one point at the top and two at the base, is a male and solar symbol representing spirit, divinity, fire, life, prosperity and harmony. In contrast, the reversed triangle is female and lunar, representing mother earth, water, rain and grace.”
“In Christianity and Judaism, a triangle is often used as a symbol for God and the holy trinity, and in magic it was seen as representing the element fire (with downward triangle meaning water). When upright and downward triangles are put together, they form the Star of David and symbolize balance and knowledge.”
“The Triangle represents the active principle and is often used as a symbol of fire. It’s energy is dynamic and it creates change, moves forcibly and with power.”

Zulu symbolism: The three corners of a triangle represent FATHER, MOTHER and CHILD